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Home Business Ideas That Actually Make You Money

Posted on June 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

Your best bet right now

The quickest, cheapest and easiest way to start a business from the comfort of your own home is to do it using the internet. Even if you don’t know how to check e-mail yet, you can learn very easily how to use a computer and the internet to start a business. Typically when starting a home business online you will have a very low start up capital cost. Compare that to a franchise or other traditional business model where you would be paying upwards of over 10K.

Your options for working online from home?

  • MLM/ network marekting
  • direct sales
  • affiliate marketing
  • blogging
  • Google AdSense
  • paid surveys
  • eBay
  • top tier programs
  • plus others..

With mostly all of these options you will always have a product or service that is being sold. It can be yours or it can be a companies product.

Which option is your best bet?

All of the above options for working online have profit potential. They also all have a different learning curve. For those people who have absolutely no computer experience it may take a much longer time. For people with average computer experience most of the options could be fairly easy to learn. Out of every option on that list, though, the one that is going to allow you to profit the most quickly with the least amount of work is absolutely top tier programs.

A top tier program is where you would be selling a high ticket item to people. A high ticket item is a product that ranges from $1K-5K and allows you to earn very high commissions per sale. Most of these top tier programs are paired with a marketing system that allows you to plug in, follow instructions and make sales.

Tips for working from home

1. Organization. You have to have an orderly and neat work space. Dedicate some part of the house for your office. This could be a bedroom, dining room, basement or maybe you already have an office in the house.

2. Focus. Working from home has it’s price. The price is distractions. You might want to sleep in longer. You might want to watch some television. You may have interruptions from the kids or pets. Allow yourself to stay focused and concentrate on your work. Finish what has to be done, then you can relax.

3. Consistency. Develop a routine and stick with it. This might mean you will be required to set up a schedule for yourself. Include activities that are high priority and make sure they are completed in a timely fashion. Make money during money-making times.

4. Exercise. Ensure that you are getting enough exercise each week. Because you now work from home it is easy to brush off physical activity. The more fit you are the more energy you have. The more energy you have, the more proficient you will be with each daily task.

Your next step

Once you have decided you want to start a business from the comfort of your home your best bet is to find someone who is already have the results you want. It is much easier to learn from a leader and mentor than it is to try and learn everything on your own. Best of luck!

How To Create A Personal Connection With Your Home Business Prospects

Posted on June 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

Are you currently promoting your home business online? Have you found it easy or rough going? Building a successful internet home business requires a bit of time, dedication and perseverance.

However, despite the amount of time and effort you may invest into promoting your internet venture, developing a personal connection with your prospects is your key to ultimate home business success.

The reason why developing a personal connection with your prospects is so important is because of the largely impersonal nature of the internet.

People in general have a tendency to shy away from the order button on many sites simply because of fear of the unknown.

This is the case even when it comes to promoting high ticket products, business opportunities and services.

Why is this the case?

Because people like to buy products and services from individuals and/or companies they know, like and trust.

So how does someone just starting out build a connection with their audience?

The easiest way to do this is to start a blog. The original purpose for blogs was to use them as personal online journals.

With a blog you can give your prospects insight into your personality, lifestyle and expertise.

With your personal blog you can post pictures of yourself or your family and give your prospects a glimpse into the kind of person you are.

A word of caution… due to the anonymous nature of the internet, you don’t have to put your whole life online in order to build this connection.

However, every now and again you can post a picture of your pet or share a picture from a vacation you took.

You can also communicate your emotions in a more natural way without the pressure of trying to sell someone something.

The more relaxed your communication is, the more comfortable your prospects will feel when it comes to the consideration of your business opportunity.

As you continually post new ideas, tips, and thoughts to your blog you will find that more and more people will become regular visitors to your site and start commenting on your posts.

When your prospects start commenting on your posts, that’s when you will know that your audience is tuning in and listening to you. This will give you an opportunity to open up meaningful dialogue that will build and even deeper connection.

With your blog you can rant about stuff that irritates you as well as share your feelings about things that excite you. You can also ask your readers questions and get their feelings by inviting them to comment.

Additionally you can post tips and advice based on your experience that may be of benefit to those who choose to work with you.

As you continue to use your blog as a communication tool between you and your prospects, you will find that recruiting new representatives and affiliates will happen with almost a minimal amount of effort.

The key is to make your prospects feel comfortable with their decision to join you in your opportunity or buy into your affiliate offers.

The better your personal connection with your prospects, the bigger your business will become and the more sales you will generate. Internet entrepreneurs who employ the use of blogs to tell their story and keep their prospects up to date with the things going on around them in their respective industries almost always outsell their competitors every time.


Advertising Your Home Business as an Internet Marketing Strategy

Posted on June 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

So now that you’ve got your idea, your goal, and the way that you’re going to sell your product, it’s time to move onto another home business success tip: advertising.

Advertising is an incredibly important component of any business, and it often means the difference between success or failure, profit or loss. In this article, we’ll go over a few different ways that you can successfully advertise your home business.

Advertising in Your Community

If your home business revolves around selling home made goods, whether they are knit items like scarves or baked items like brownies (or anything in between!), then advertising in your community is a great way to start. Visit a variety of hobby stores, coffee shops, and other small, locally-owned businesses, and look for a bulletin board. Often, these will have a series of advertisements from other people, and your ad will fit right in.

Your advertisement itself should include your name, a phone number, and a catch. The catch is always the most difficult part, because you must generate an interest in your product with very few words. This is mostly a matter of trial and error, although once you find something that works, never drop it.

As always, keep in mind that you can always advertise through your local newspaper or a variety of college or independent publications.

Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the internet is another great way to market your product or your service, particularly if you aren’t looking to sell locally. Regardless, Craigslist is a good launching point, because posting is free. Alternatively, you could even purchase an advertising campaign through Google AdSense or another online advertising company. Developing an Internet marketing strategy of how you plan to sell your goods is a great way to ensure your success.

One method that works very well for many people is to contact the administrators of websites that occupy a similar niche as your product or your service. Ask them if you can swap links or banner advertisements. Often, this service will cost you nothing, and both of your services will be the better for it.

While you will likely have to spend money for advertising to be optimally effective, the payouts are almost immediate and obvious. Regardless of what you are trying to do with your home business, generating more attention for it is always a good thing. We have not touched on another key home business success tip that also involves advertising: social networking. In our next article, we will take a look at just that.